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Company profile

Elsight is a company that develops technological solutions for the transmission of secure and adaptive data and video communication in high quality, high bandwidth, and in real-time, via various communication channels at once

Halo Communication Platform

The Halo communication platform is equipped with the world’s most compact, next-generation bonding technology enabling always-on connectivity



The Multichannel provides high bandwidth adaptive live data, video and audio transmission in real-time, anytime, anywhere                                                                                                                 


Elsight’s WaveT-R is a wearable video transmitter that allows for the transmission of video and audio streams in real-time over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi networks.

ELS Backpack

Elsight’s Multichannel Backpack brings dual, long-range, real-time cellular communications transmission and complete security to the field with increased mobility     

ELS Vehicle

Elsight integrates Multichannel technology and its Rider family of products to provide the ideal vehicle  connectivity solutions for HLS and automotive applications   

ELS Medical

Elsight’s Medical solutions incorporate Elsight’s advanced communication technology into an easy to transport telemedicine solution for medical professionals, emergency workers and hospitals

ELS Commander 360

Elsight’s Commander 360 is a video management platform enabling multiple scenarios control with the ability to dispatch video from the control center to operational unit in the field


Case Studies

Traffilog case study

Traffilog improves its fleet
management real-time monitoring
systems using Elsight’s data
connectivity solutions                                                                                     

Alrena case study

Read our newest case study about how Alrena Technologies is using
Elsight technology to revolutionize
emergency medicine with its
SmartMedicase mobile solution