The Multichannel platform provides the highest availability for your transmission needs. The high bandwidth adaptive data transmission channel communicates live data, video and audio, in real-time, anytime, anywhere by bonding multiple 3G/4G network, Wi-Fi and/or satellite (CPE) services. The Multichannel can act as a standalone gateway expanding your visual reach and providing decision makers with the complete picture from the scene while providing unmatched security, wherever and wherever your teams may be.

  • Unique fanless design that allows effective heat dissipation while ensuring long term operation
  • Allows connectivity to one analog/HDMI or IP camera
  • Can be used as WiFi access point
  • Serves as a gateway for multiple devices connected to it either via cable or wifi
  • Features connectivity to satellite BGAN for failover or always on connectivity
  • Allows embedded video encoder for video applications
  • Can operate in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications
  • Combines top video encoding technology with top transmission technology.
  • Aggregates several 3G/4G links, Wi-Fi, satellite or any ETH connection into a secured wide-bandwidth network pipe.
  • Automatically adjust video encoding parameters according to the total network availability.
  • Watch multiple video streams in the field HQ.
  • Create secured VPN between all Multichannel end-points and the server.
  • Acts as a network hub for connecting other Elsight products.
  • Combines top video encoding technology with top transmission technology
  • Ideal solution for application in the field by bringing data closer
  • Enables fact-based decision making in real time
  • Adaptive Video – Multichannel uses four communication channels to disassemble, transmit and reassemble video data, while adapting the video quality dynamically to the overall bandwidth available at any given moment, secured with low latency
  • Increased Bandwidth – Multichannel allows multiplexing of multiple communication links thus increasing the overall bandwidth available for transmission, unlike any other solution on the market
  • High Level Security – Multichannel generates a complete secured network tunnel that enables safe and encrypted transmission via VPN, so that even if one network fails, your data remains resiliently secure
  • High Availability – Multichannel automatically detects failed communication channels and immediately transfers the information via an alternate channel available in near real-time

Ideal Solution For:

First Responders



Public Safety