Communication platform by Elsight

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High Bandwidth

The Halo series allows multiplexing of multiple communication links, thus increasing the overall bandwidth available for the transmission of heavy data and video, with ultra-low latency.

High Level Security

Halo generates a complete secured network tunnel that enables safe and encrypted transmission.

High Reliability & Redundancy

Halo automatically detects failed communication channels and immediately transfers the information via an alternate available channel, in real-time.

High Adaptability

Halo is equally well-fitted for data transmission on-the move, or while fixed in place.

Compact Design

Halo is tiny, and extremely lightweight, yet enables multi-SIM connectivity for seamless integration into any product, without requiring any power consumption of cooling requirements.

reduced cost

Halo is significantly cheaper than the Multichannel due to its compact design.

Halo is an ideal fit for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as it is much smaller and significantly lighter than any other solution in the industry. It has the best benefit-cost ratio (BCR), lowest power consumption, and the lowest heat index. If you are an OEM, you can now fit this ultralight, multi-SIM Halo into your product with ease. Halo can seamlessly integrate into any fleet or autonomous vehicles, handheld devices, and even the smallest drones – any platform or device that moves.

The Halo communication platform, developed by Elsight, is equipped with the world’s most compact, next-generation bonding technology, enabling always-on connectivity.

The Halo features multiple cellular modules, built-in WiFi and an internal battery. Its miniature form factor maximizes your reach with optional data transmission capabilities, while providing unmatched security, the fastest data transmission, and highest availability for any of your transmission needs. It is able to connect to any computer, docking station, IP camera or USB device.