ELS Medical

Elsight’s Medical solutions incorporate Elsight’s advanced communication technology into an easy to transport telemedicine solution for medical professionals, emergency workers and hospitals. With our solutions, on the ground medical personnel, whether it is nurses, paramedics or volunteers can apply first care in the field with the live guidance of doctors and medical professionals from remotely.

  • A complete telemedicine solution with built-in real time video, duplex dialogue and conferencing capabilities, in a single suitcase
  • Provides maximum reliability through cellular, wifi or satellite connectivity
  • Full redundancy provides maximum reliability through cellular, WiFi or satellite connectivity
  • Simultaneous recording/playback and network
  • Supports 4 SIM cards easily plug and play
  • Can connect external equipment for a complete mobile medical solution
  • Connects to Multichannel technology. Click here to read more. 
  • Enables in the field diagnosis with remote doctor support
  • Secured transmission allows protection of sensitive patient data
  • Enables fast and accurate diagnosis on the spot even if the doctor is thousands of kilometers away
  • Saves lives 

Ideal Solution For:

First Responders



Public Safety