ELS Drones

Today, drones are taking bigger and bigger parts in our lives. Whether they’re used for entertainment, or for security and defenses purposes, it is clear that the foundation of the  drone’s effectiveness is its ability to communicate. That means drones must be able to communicate to the operator, as well as transmit the gathered video and data to a command center, a personal computer for broadcasting purposes, or elsewhere.

Elsight technology provides crucial communication links to drones of all shapes and sizes. Multiple SIM enabled communication module with Elsight’s unique bonding algorithm ensures connectivity beyond line of site while providing a high bandwidth transmission pipe for real time delivery of live video anywhere in the world.

  • Up to 4 or more LTE/4G communication modules
  • 256 AES encryption on the transmission pipe
  • Software enabled control from any Android based device
  • Low power consumption
  • Standards based certified hardware components
  • BVLOS Communication,  enabling operations from thousands of miles away
  • Outfitted with Multichannel technology. Click here to read more
  • Integrates with Commander 360 Command and Control software. Click here to read more
  • Low latency and live operation
  • Secured and reliable connectivity prevents hacking and theft of information
  • Excellent solution for  tactical field applications with highly sensitive profiles
  • Covers vast expanses, while saving on valuable human resources
  • Provides effective surveillance over large distances in real time
  • Lightweight and can integrate with any drone of any shape and size
  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Provides effective surveillance over large distances in real time

Ideal Solution For:

First Responders



Public Safety