ELS Backpack

Elsight’s Multichannel Backpack brings dual, long-range, real-time cellular communications transmission and complete security to the field with increased mobility. Sealed, ultra-lightweight, durable and modular, the backpack is designed for easy carry, while keeping debris out. In addition, the designated heat dispersion system prevents the Multichannel system from overheating while also protecting the back of the person carrying the systems.

  • Multichannel technology – For more information, see Multichannel product page
  • Back system that fits any military vest
  • Can be carried independently
  • Easy to access control panel
  • Waterproof casing
  • Features optional extra-long battery pack
  • All inclusive easy to carry pack with operational capacity of up to 10 hours in the field
  • Portable milspec carrier for cellular broadcasting system – Attaches directly to military back vest using straps for easy carry
  • Designed for optimized cellular transmission in dynamic & challenging field environments
  • Designated heat evacuation system seals and cools Multichannel technology – Ideal for prolonged use in the field

Ideal Solution For:

First Responders



Public Safety