Halo’s breakthrough technology integrates Elsight’s high bandwidth totally secured data
transmission technology while introducing a dramatically reduced form factor, weight, power consumption and heat index. The platform is offered in two main configurations: a highly compact standalone external device, or a lightweight internal board. The Halo 2000/4000 features multiple cellular modules, built-in WiFi, and an optional video
encoder and an internal battery.


Elsight’s Multichannel system is changing the way we think about mobile wireless transmission. By combining top video encoding technology with top transmission technology, Multichannel is able to act as a network that connects all other Elsight products. The system aggregates several 3G/4G links, Wi-Fi, satellite or any ETH connection into a secured wide-bandwidth network pipe and automatically adjust video encoding parameters according to the total network availability. As such, a secured VPN is enabled between all Multichannel end-points and the server – just what teams in the field need.

ELS Backpack

Elsight’s Multichannel Backpack brings dual, long-range, real-time cellular communications transmission and complete security to the teams in the field with increased mobility. Ultra-lightweight, durable and modular, the backpack is designed to for easy carry, while preventing the Multichannel system from overheating or becoming dusty.

ELS Vehicle

Elsight integrates Multichannel technology and its Rider family of products (digital & network video recorders) to provide the ideal vehicle connectivity solutions for automotive applications. Designed to fit into any vehicle where high quality video recording and live transmission are essential to fulfil proper surveillance, Rider and Multichannel offer excellent encoding resolution on all channels with embedded Wi-Fi, local storage on hard-disk and 2-way audio between the Command Center and the vehicle they’re in.

ELS Medical

Elsight’s Multichannel as a medical solution, enables real-time, always on connectivity for urgent, life saving decision making in the field. When integrated with SmartMedicase, our complete telemedicine solution, a secured VPN is created between all Multichannel end-points and the server to ensure patient information integrity and highly available transmission with the highest levels of security,  through multiple bonded cellular pipes, with 4 level security.

ELS Drones

Elsight seeks to resolve significant connectivity issues experienced by drone users by integrating its Multichannel technology into the drones themselves. The Multichannel solution adds an abstract layer between the drone and the physical communication infrastructure (WIFI, LTE, etc.), taking advantage of all available communication technologies in the operational area, so you never lose a signal again. Highest network reliability, highest bandwidth, highest security, ruggedized communication across all bands and using a unique field-to-field VPN for lower latency – matured technology for the “Age of Connectivity.”

ELS Commander 360

Elsight’s Commander 360 is a video management platform enabling multiple scenarios control with the ability to dispatch video from the control center to operational unit in the field, commanders and additional law enforcement agencies. The system supports video chat, thus allowing direct contact with the field enabling
quick decision making at the right time.