Elsight Joining the Covid-19 global efforts – We are proud in our partnership with “Alrena Smartmedicase”

In an article published on 11 Mar 2020, Alrena reported that due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak there is an immediate necessity for Smartmedicases in France and globally, mentioning Elsight’s connectivity solution as the key element for it’s success.


  • There are only 130,000 mobile nurses in France and providing them with the right tools can change the way Medicare is applied in France specifically and globally.
  • The key challenge discussed in France is quarantine, which is not manageable at scale. Remotely diagnosing and treating hundreds of thousands of people is unimaginable.
  • The use of the Smartmedicase brings with it the ability to transmit critical medical data, video and analytics, live, providing a doctor with all information necessary to make life saving decisions in real-time.
  • “The Smartmedicase communication is powered by always-on connectivity technology created by Elsight, and we are proud to be using it” said Richard Kletzkie, CEO of Alrena Technologies.

From the article:

Alrena Technologies CEO Richard Kletzkie said: “This is the time to utilize man made technological advances in order to manage and contain the
outbreak and to change the way people are treated and diagnosed throughout the country”.

The fact doctors and field workers are always connected, even in rural areas, is a disruptive element in the world of remote Medicare, especially in these hard times, and we are ready to provide remote Medicare to the French healthcare system specifically and scale globally when needed” Said Julia Barrel, Director of business development at Alrena Technologies

Read the full article in English here
Or in French here

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