Elsight Founder & CEO Nir Gabay Spoke to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) About Automation and the Future of Work

In an article published on Thursday, 12 December 2019 by Information Age, the official publication of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Elsight Founder & CEO Nir Gabay shared his thoughts about automation and the future of work after LinkedIn Australia released its jobs of the future report on Tuesday. Among the key findings in the report were that all of Australia’s top five emerging jobs feature artificial intelligence skills. The report also found that among the top 15 emerging jobs are AI Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist, Robotics Engineer, Marketing Automation Specialist and Data Scientist.

From the article:

“Nir Gabay, founder of ASX-listed communications company Elsight, says the LinkedIn report reflects how automation is changing the future of work.

“Advancements in opportunities across AI and automation in Australia’s jobs landscape will have considerable flow-on effects to the rise of high-growth industries like autonomous vehicles and drones, and growing levels of investment activity in these sectors,” Gabay said.

“What is left now is for AI and automation to become the centrepiece of our cohesive vision for a modern interconnected workforce brimming with innovation and creativity.””

Read the full article here

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