Elsight Boasts Busy September Quarter, Aims To Cash In On Opportunities From Ongoing Crisis

04 Nov 2020, Breakthrough hybrid video and data transport services provider, Elsight Limited (ASX:ELS) engages in the development of advanced communication technologies for real-time video, audio and data transmission in mission-critical environments over existing network infrastructure.

  • Halo became ready for mass deployment upon receiving FCC and CE certifications during the second half of July.
  • ELS received large initial Halo order worth US$1.6 million and a new partnership with Kinetx Prime and first material Halo order from Alrena.
  • ELS’s FAA certification process for ELS’s partner using Halo remains on track, and the Company is well-positioned to build on its initial success with Halo.
  • At quarter-end, ELS’s cash and cash equivalent stood at US$710,000 with approximately US$2.1million cash receipts expected in the next 90 days.

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