Casting an eye over the breakthrough Halo Connectivity Platform

12 Aug 2020, Elsight Limited (ASX: ELS) addresses the augmented data connectivity need by equipping its cutting-edge, unique bonding technology through its breakthrough Connectivity Platform- Halo.

  • Halo is equipped with secured data transmission, next-generation bonding technology enabling real-time connectivity while on-the-move, or while fixed in place.
  • Ultralight, high adaptability, and ability to integrate seamlessly with any platform or device make Halo ideal for advanced OEMs, drones, autonomous vehicles, or any other application, platform, or device that requires lightweight, high-bandwidth, low latency, highly secured and an always-on connectivity solution.
  • Following the successful completion of rigorous tests and trials and obtaining full FCC certification, Halo is well-positioned to penetrate the US and other markets with larger commercial-scale projects across numerous industry verticals.
  • Owing to challenges caused by pandemic, ELS plans to focus on the American drone, telemedicine markets, and remote learning capability during the second half of 2020, explicitly in remote and rural areas of the US having limited access to healthcare and school learning services.

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