A Lens over Elsight’s Cutting-Edge Technology

18 Aug 2020, Elsight Limited (ASX: ELS) develops cutting-edge technological solutions in the field of cellular network bonding that are redefining multichannel real-time data transmission (along with cellular or IP infrastructure).

  • Elsight, with its top-notch technology solutions, is solving the holistic problem of securing data transmission in real-time over multiple IP links.
  • The Company is redefining real-time data connectivity using its unique cutting-edge bonding algorithms enabling reliable, secured, real-time, bi-directional data transmission with high bandwidth, anytime and anywhere over existing cellular infrastructure.
  • The Company has put its foot on the accelerator and is bolstering its position in the market by demonstrating expertise over on-the-move communications, and endowing an array of unique products and solutions to Telehealth, first responders, EMS units, Military and Police, Banks & ATM’s, in addition to markets such as Unmanned platforms and Fleet management.

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