Reinventing real-time data connectivity

Reliable, secured, high-bandwidth data transmission while on-the-move

The Technology

Elsight offers advanced connectivity technology for the “Age of Connectivity,” ensuring reliable, secured, and high bandwidth, bi-directional data transmission from anywhere, to anywhere over existing cellular infrastructure, in real-time.

OEM Applications - Elsight Insight

In today’s world of AI and IoT, reliable and secured connectivity is a basic requirement. Our ever increasing need for more data, video, and audio fuels the revolution driving higher bandwidth applications and services.
Elsight’s reliable, high bandwidth data transmission technology that operates over multiple IP links is an answer to today’s IoT challenges. Our unique architecture allows easy integration within any IoT device for seamless connectivity on-the-go. When it comes to handheld devices, UGVs and UAV’s, house robots and more, we integrate continuous connectivity.

HLS Applications

Elsight’s technology is a perfect fit for tactical, real-field mobile applications. When it comes to in-vehicle and on-person use for  military personnel, public safety officers and EMTs, Elsight’s solutions provide reliable connectivity, even in unreliable times.

Automotive Applications

Connecting anything that moves has been our speciality for over a decade. Elsight offers multiple solutions for the automotive segment, starting from protecting vehicles on the road and ensuring driver safety to securing high-valued goods as they’re transported.

Why Elsight?


High adaptive bandwidth​

Secure connectivity​

Bi-directional data flow

Real time data transmission​

Cloud managed services​

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