HLS Applications​

    Fire & Rescue

Elsight’s field-proven applications enable firefighters to brave every blaze, while continuing to rely on real time communication. Our Multichannel and Rider applications connect to firefighters’ backpacks, vehicles and fire proof  devices, sharing real-time data and video that drive more informed, life-saving decisions.

Product:  MultichannelELS MedicalELS VehicleELS Commander 360


EMS teams at the scene of a medical incident can utilize Multichannel in a backpack or in a Smart Medicase to seamlessly inform other emergency relief personnel in the vehicle or at a command center of each patient’s vital status, so trauma doctors know exactly what to expect even before patient arrives.

Product:  MultichannelELS MedicalELS VehicleELS Commander 360

ALRENA Case Study

  Law Enforcement

Ensure your city is a safe city, by expanding your law enforcement officer’s connected reach. Our Multichannel technology and Command 360 platform ensure secure, real-time connectivity, so locating the scene of a crime, calling for backup and thwarting the latest criminal are as seamless as can be, with your teams are on the move. Compatible with backpacks, vehicles and medical equipment (SmartMedicase product also available for law enforcement applications).

Product:  MultichannelELS BackpackELS VehicleELS Commander 360


When integrated with Multichannel technology, Elsight’s solution for drones enables users to gain access to non-line-of-sight environments, without fear of ever losing connectivity. The Multichannel solution adds an abstract layer between the drone and the physical communication infrastructure (WIFI, LTE, etc.), taking advantage of all available communication technologies in the operational area. Highest network reliability, highest bandwidth, highest security, ruggedized communication across all bands and using a unique field-to-field VPN for lower latency – matured technology for the “Age of Connectivity.”

Product:  ELS DronesELS Backpack ELS Commander 360


The field of unmanned vehicles is a vast field that has been undergoing fast advancement from a  technological perspective. Elsight’s Multichannel technology and other products enable the seamless and secure transmission of data from unmanned ground and air vehicles, for superior operational outcomes in challenging and even dangerous environments, without risking human lives.

Product:  ELS DronesELS BackpackELS Commander 360


At Elsight, we support your troops. Our military-grade, field-proven applications ensure your country’s finest benefit from wide bandwidth, secure data transmission, through the military decision making process and in any kind of dynamic, challenging environment. Confidently send troops and teams into non-line-of-sight combat zones, knowing that wherever they move, mobile and video connectivity captured via drone, Multichannel backpack or other military robotic equipment, will never fail.

Product:  MultichannelELS BackpackELS Commander 360