Nir Gabay

Founder & CEO​
The Founder and CEO of Elsight Israel and Elsight Ltd., Nir brings over 20 years of extensive experience in communications, security and surveillance to the communications development table. Having started his career in the IDF’s Special Forces unit before making the transition to working with mobile cellular providers, local municipalities and high-tech companies, Nir’s infectious innovative spirit has led to his successful involvement in several startups, including one which led to an impressive exit. This is Nir’s first time serving as a director on an ASX-listed company.

Roee Kashi​

With over a decade of experience in designing and developing video and communication systems, Roee currently harnesses his expertise to bring Elsight’s core technologies into the “Age of Connectivity.” His deep understanding of digital networks, cyber-security, real-time video, and cloud platforms, has enabled Roee to position Elsight as a technologically superior company, enabling the successful securing of multiple project tenders.

Yoav Amitai

Chief Innovation & Product Officer
With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and a rich resume that includes serving as General Manager of Agor Engineering, Yoav brings extensive operations, technology and engineering management experience to the Elsight table. Yoav is well-versed in product design, manufacturing, and "creative engineering" solutions and is perfect fit to lead Elsight’s product and technical team

Ori Koren

Business Development
Ori joined the Elsight team following a tenure serving in various roles at the Israeli Prime Minister’s office with a focus on project management, technological development and strategic consulting. Ori has initiated and lead the development of now-patented innovations that continue to serve the Israeli government to this day. At Elsight, Ori identifies new opportunities for the expansion of Elsight’s business and then sees each project through with diligence.

Dan Hilerowitz

Dan’s extensive knowledge and experience in accompanying and directing multi-national and hi-tech companies has ideally positioned him to drive Elsight’s team forward. He served for 6 years as a manager at EY Israel and is practiced in serving corporate customers as they successfully navigate various organizational processes, including M&As and IPOs. Dan holds an MBA in Accounting and Economics from Tel-Aviv University.