Company Profile

Our Drive for Connectivity

As the world enters the “Age of Connectivity,” we seek to enhance the way teams communicate, enabling faster, more precise response in times of need. From military operations in non-line-of-sight environments and first responder missions through challenging terrain, to autonomous vehicle data transmission, our drive for connectivity meets user demands and links teams. Real-time connectivity, real-time cooperation, real-time results. That is Elsight’s promise.

The Challenge

Teams in the field are on a constant mission to achieve better, smarter, more comprehensive data transmission while on the move.

Recent and emerging innovations in the field of manned and unmanned ground, naval and aerial vehicles has introduced challenges with respect to continuous communication, particularly in challenging, remote, non-line-of-sight and multipath environments. Teams, while in the field, need to ensure that the data they transmit is received, securely and reliably, in real-time, so they can make their move and successfully accomplish the task at hand. From putting out fires, or apprehending a terror suspect, to safely transporting an item of great worth from one point to another, real-time streaming of mission-critical data without draining human resources, misappropriating funds or risking breaches is a significant challenge they face.

Elsight’s Mission

At Elsight, we are on a mission to create a seamless, secure, connected world. We develop cutting-edge technology that delivers secure, real-time, adaptive data transmission over multiple IP links, allowing high-bandwidth, on-the-move connectivity anytime, anywhere. Our in-house R&D team specializes in developing end-to-end solutions that meet unique connectivity and operational requirements, propelling the limits of data transmission technology into a future of endless possibilities.

Elsight technology provides solutions for:

Public Security


Law Enforcement

Government Offices


Fleet Management

Military Force