Automotive Applications


Enter a new era of autonomous vehicles, with Elsight’s Core Technology. When embedded in vehicles, our cutting edge bonding technology provides reliable communication on-the-move, enabling vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity, as well as real-time data generation on the surrounding infrastructure.

Product:  MultichannelELS DronesELS Commander 360


Elsight’s Multichannel technology and other products establish seamless and secure data connectivity  in robotic systems for superior operational outcomes in challenging and even dangerous environments. Less human risk, more knowledge-based decision making, when it’s needed most.

Product:  MultichannelELS DronesELS Commander 360


Ongoing connectivity, is imperative for businesses using the flying technology for communications, delivery, leisure, or any other application. Elsight integrates its Multichannel technology into the drones themselves, adding an abstract layer between the drone and the physical communication infrastructure (WIFI, LTE, etc.) and taking advantage of all available communication technologies in the operational area, so you never lose a signal again.

Product:  MultichannelELS VehicleELS DronesELS Commander 360


With Elsight’s Multichannel and Rider technologies integrated into methods of  transportation, fleets, public transport and other vehicles enjoy secure, high-bandwidth and low latency data transmission  allowing drivers and their managers back at HQ to view the road safely and make smarter transportation decisions, every time.

Product:  MultichannelELS VehicleELS Commander 360

 Fleet Management

Stay connected to every vehicle in your fleet and remain up-to-date on its travel data, with Elsight. Elsight’s Multichannel and Rider applications ensure continuous, high bandwidth and near real-time connectivity, in dynamic and challenging environments, enabling better vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and superior fleet management capabilities.

Product:  MultichannelELS VehicleELS DronesELS Commander 360

Traffilog Case Study


Secure data transmission, in real-time, is critical to the daily activities of cash in transit vehicles. Elsight’s real-time data and video streaming ensures that the transportation of monetary assets is ever secure and GPS services provide ongoing location information, visibility and concrete proof of every money trail. Connects to Multichannel and Rider applications.

Product:  MultichannelELS VehicleELS Commander 360