A new era of connectivity

Elsight offers advanced connectivity technology ensuring reliable, secure, high bandwidth, bi-directional data transmission from anywhere, to anywhere over existing network infrastructure.

Now our newest addition – The Halo Communication Platform.

Unmanned connectivity

Halo provides reliability to an always moving platform and can be integrated into the smallest drone or robot.

We lead by Experience, Value, and Safety in the world of unmanned platform connectivity.

Halo will help you:

    • Stay connected – Never miss any of your valuable data
    • Fly further – Save power & weight, operate BVLOS
    • Save space – Small form factor for effective design
    • Hybrid link – Optimize the most cost-effective link

Uniting forces between different communication methods and exploiting the qualities of each of them is key for continues, reliable, scalable drone operations

Flight hours and counting
Integrations and counting

The Halo Communication Platform

Developed by Elsight, the Halo communication platform is the world’s most compact, next-generation bonding technology, enabling always-on connectivity. Available as either a standalone external device or a lightweight internal board, Elsight’s Halo provides the highest bandwidth, highly secured communication for the transmission of live data, in real-time, from anywhere and to anywhere, while on-the-move, or on-the-ground.

HLS Applications

Elsight’s technology is a perfect fit for tactical, real-field mobile applications. When it comes to in-vehicle and on-person use for  military personnel, public safety officers and EMTs, Elsight’s solutions provide reliable connectivity, even in unreliable times.

Why Elsight?


High adaptive bandwidth​

Secure connectivity​

Bi-directional data flow

Real time data transmission​

Cloud managed services​

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